Tips to Clean Your Rental Apartment Before Moving Out

Ok! So you have decided to shift and are through with all the planning for moving to a new apartment. You have succeeded in packing some of your belongings and waiting for the final day of the move. Right? But, what about the apartment where you are living currently? Is it clean? Do you recall that your bond money is deposited with your landlord at the time you came to stay in this house? And now, it suddenly strikes you that you can get that money back only if your house is cleaned appropriately as it was when you moved in. Bingo!
So, from where would you start the cleaning? If you have no idea of cleaning the home you can hire bond cleaners for some valuable help. But, if you don’t want to hire and want to do it at your own, it is important to learn some home cleaning tactics so that you can get your bond money back and walk away without having to incur any damage fees.
Here are some effective tips for you:

Start with the Walls

  • Take out all the pictures and wallpapers from all the rooms, whether it is the dining hall or the bedroom.


  • Remove all nails and pins that you have stuck into the walls, ceilings, doors of the apartment. Do it very carefully, keeping in mind that the wall paint should not get affected.



  • Now, clean the walls with high-quality products without any hassles. Paint the walls if required.

Don’t Miss the Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

Clean the Kitchen: Fill the sink with warm water and mix dish detergent to it. Leave it for some time and till then, accomplish the following tasks

  • The Refrigerator: Remove all the shelves and freezer boxes and place them in the dishwasher filled with solution of dish detergent for a while and wash them by the hand.


  • The Oven: Before cleaning the oven, don’t forget to read the instructions carefully. Put an effective cleaning solution on a cloth and clean the oven, and then repeat it with water. Don’t pour water directly onto it, clean the oven with a rinsed cloth.


  • The Surfaces: Clean all the kitchen shelves thoroughly. Wipe down the exterior and the interior of the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and other appliances provided by your apartment complex carefully.


  • The Sink: Now, it is time to drain the water from the sink. After draining, clean the sink and wipe down the faucet. Scrub around the edges of fixtures and sink with any small brush or any old toothbrush.


  • The Floor: Always clean the floor last. Sweep and then mop the floor.

Clean the Bathroom: Give priority to cleaning the sink, the cisterns, the tub, and the shower.

  • Clean the mirrors and racks with chemical-free products.
  • Mop the bathroom floor, especially around the toilet.
  • Spray a good fragrance

Take out all the Garbage after Cleaning Living Rooms and Dining Room:

Collect the garbage at one side after cleaning the rooms and the hall.

  • Clean the windows and wash its panes.
  • Clean the blades of ceiling fan or any light fixtures in the room.
  • Vacuum or mop the floors
  • Finally, throw the garbage after cleaning.

Keep on taking online help for meeting the essential needs of cleaning. At last, go for a thorough home inspection once before showing it to your landlord.
Many companies are there to help you with home cleaning services before moving and to get your bond back. Hiring them won’t cost much. Exit Clean Brisbane is specialized for bond cleaning in Brisbane for houses, units, and townhouses.