5 Things You are Doing Wrong While Cleaning the House

Everyone wants clean house. After long working hours, when you come back home, all you want to see is a clean and tidy bed to lie down on. But, what if all you find is a stench wafting through your home? If your house is not clean, indeed you get annoyed. Did you apply various techniques for cleaning your home, but couldn’t get good results? Why would that be so?


Actually, the main reason is not your cleaning methods, but your habits. Know them here.

Delaying the Cleaning
Mistake No. 1: The most common thing that you generally do is postpone cleaning. For example, when food or drinks spill on the table, you might just have been leaving it for later on. But, what you don’t understand is that this spillage later on turns into stains and it becomes difficult for you to remove it.
Solution: Avoid staining by cleaning the spillages on time. This not only helps you in making the cleaning easy, but also saves your time.
Trying to Clean the House all at Once
Mistake No. 2: Many of you believe that one-day worthies enough for the entire cleaning process. But, the problem arises when that one-day falls too less for you. Do you know why this happens? This is because you tried to clean everything at once, which is not effective. Ultimately, you will get tired and stressed that too with a messy house to live in.
Solution: Generally, set weekends for cleaning. Instead of setting a day, set a schedule. For example, clean windows, doors, fences, and gates on the first weekend, then on another weekend, clean the roofs, cobwebs, and so on. This will make you concentrate on your task and help in achieving fruitful results.
Using “All-in-One” Cleaning Products
Mistake No. 3: For cleaning the house, you purchase a product that can clean glass, wooden surfaces, and steel surfaces. By doing so, you are only saving money, but damaging the surfaces.
Solution: Buy the product that is made for a single purpose. For example, if you are looking for cleaning the furniture, then buy solutions like wood cleaning products only.
Not Reading the Instruction (Some People Avoid It)
Mistake No. 4: While buying the product, you read the expiration date and that is an indication of being a smart customer. But, who will read the instruction? It has been surveyed that only 5% of people read the precautions while others start using the product without even knowing the instructions.
Solution: Always be on a safe side by reading the instruction provided on the product. You should follow the precautions too, as safety is in your hands.
Mixing Cleaning Solutions
Mistake No. 5: Do you really think that mixing products will provide an effective cleaning solution? If yes, then you are sadly wrong. Indeed, you are damaging floors and furniture. It is neither safe for your floors nor for your skin (if not using gloves).
Solution: There is no benefit of mixing the products. Avoid this risk and use products only for the purposes they are made for.
Now, when you have realised where you are going wrong, keep these things in mind and enjoy a beautifully cleaned house.
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