4 Time-Saving Tips to Clean Walls

Have you packed all your stuff before moving to another location? Yet there might be a mess left behind which you need to clean. The essential packing, surely, would have left you exhausted; so, the best advice that you can take is get in touch with the bond cleaning company for a perfectly neat and clean house. But, if you still prefer to clean it on your own, then don’t forget to take help of some useful tips and tricks.


No matter from where you start, just keep in mind that you know how to clean it in a better way. Many of you are aware of cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, but not much about cleaning walls, roofs, floors, and more.


So, let’s start with wall cleaning where you need to follow some steps so that it doesn’t seem daunting to you. Here are four hassle-free steps:


1. Decide which area of the wall you would like to clean. Obviously, you can’t clean the whole wall in one go. Therefore, you need to divide it mentally and clean one area at a time.


2. Take a sponge and soak it in the soapy water and then add some washing liquid onto it. Rub the walls with circular movements. Don’t just clean the stains as it will leave marks after the wall gets dry. Clean the whole wall with a soaked sponge.


3. Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the stains which are not cleaned by the sponge.


4. Wait till walls dry. Till then, clean the floors that have got wet while cleaning walls. Once the walls are dry, you can assess if you have done a good job.


Moreover, there are many other methods that are helpful. But, if you are a busy bee, then there is no better option than following the above-mentioned tips. And yes, you need to remember some points while cleaning painted walls. Here are five of them:


  • Always clean “square” areas of the wall as once it gets dry, the paint will look unified.
  • Always clean in circular motions and don’t press sponge harder to clean.
  • Don’t let the sponge dry if you don’t want to shred the paint off the wall.
  • Always use a big sponge as small one tends you to put more pressure which might end with the paint on the sponge.
  • Know whether or not the paint is waterproof. It might lead to damage the quality the  paint’s color.


Whenever you clean any portion of a home yourself, always take online help or expert advice.


Additionally, you can visit cleaning companies’ websites where tips and tricks are generally available. One of the professional and well-known companies providing excellent services for bond cleaning in Brisbane is Exit Clean Brisbane. Here, you can get helpful tips to clean any area of your home you are looking for, apart from an option to hire their professional cleaning services.


Happy Cleaning!